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The rooms

A room is a dedicated space that allows you to watch synchronized videos at the same time with all users in the room. You can also exchange with other users through written messages with the chat or verbally with the vocal.

Many options are customizable in a room to add videos, give feedback, validate video additions and more!

To create a room, go to the home page of the website and click on the "Create a salon" button.

Of course 😄 ! All our features are free of charge. So don't hesitate to support us by sharing the website with your friends!

Once in the room, you just have to click on the small icon to access the catalog of content you can stream on Sholize. All you have to do is choose from the videos on all the platforms available on Sholize!

Depending on how the room is set up by the room creator, the content you want to add may require approval before it appears in the queue. You may also not be able to submit content to be added to the room, in which case the small icon will not appear.

When you create a room, you can choose the accessibility of your room by setting the small slider to "Public" or "Private".

If your room already exists, go to its settings by clicking on the small icon . Then, in the "Options" section, you can set the small "Accessibility" slider to "Public" or "Private".

If you reach the end of the content in the queue, Sholize will automatically suggest new titles and play them.

You can also automatically fill the queue with automatic suggestions by clicking on the small icon in your room below the content box and selecting "Fill queue".

You can also disable this option if you wish. To do so, go to the room settings by clicking on the small icon . Then, in the "Options" section, you can deactivate the "Automatic suggestion" setting.

In your room, go to its settings by clicking on the small icon . Then, in the "Permissions" category, you can define the permission of each of the existing roles in your room as you wish.

If you need more information about roles and permissions within Sholize, click here.

Skip Mode allows people in your room to vote to move on to the next content. The Skip Mode is in a way the democracy within the rooms!

Moreover, you can set the Skip Mode to your liking. You can set the percentage of votes required to move to the next content, or simply disable it (if democracy is not your thing...).

You can find all the information about Skip Mode by clicking here.

Voice allows you to talk directly, using a microphone, with other people in your room.

At this time, Voice is reserved for private rooms only and can only receive a maximum of 20 people.

You can find all the information about Voice by clicking here.

Podcasts are a wide range of audio content that can be stream on Sholize. Media, influencer content, chronicles... It's up to you to explore this large catalog and stream what you like in the room!

If there's a podcast missing that you'd like to hear on Sholize, you can make suggestions for additions on the Sholize Community Discord.

The platforms available on Sholize may contain live content. This is the case of many TV channels or streamers. It is of course possible to stream this content in a room.

For various reasons, some platforms prohibit the delivery of content in the background on mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets). As a result, Sholize cannot deliver certain content in the background.

My account

When you are on the login box on the site, you just have to click on "A memory lapse? ". Then, just follow the instructions.


The Sholize team wants to ensure the best experience for all of its users, and monitors the site very regularly. If you notice that someone has shared inappropriate content on Sholize, including content that violates our Terms of Use, we invite you to immediately contact the Sholize team at who will take appropriate action.

If another Sholize user is bothering you in one of your rooms, you can "mute" or ban that person. You can check out our help page on moderation within a room if you need it.

You can also block that person so that they can't interact with you anymore.

Also, if you feel it is necessary, you can report this user to the Sholize team by writing to so that we can take the necessary action.


If you experience a technical problem while using Sholize, you can contact us by email at or directly on our Discord server.

We are continuously working on adding different platforms within Sholize, so it is done in a progressive way. It is also possible that some platforms may not be integrable within Sholize.

You can give us suggestions for adding platforms on the Sholize Community Discord.