If you miss movie nights with friends during this unusual time, we have found a solution that should please you. Whether you are with friends, a partner, or even alone, the application we are about to present is made for you.

The Sholize App

Sholize is a web application that allows you to watch videos together and simultaneously, in the form of a viewing session through virtual rooms. These videos can come from several popular platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Dailymotion, Vimeo, or even audio podcasts. This application is completely free and accessible on all web browsers, mobile phones, and tablets. Multimedia Library

How to use Sholize?

To start, click here to access the Sholize application. Once there, simply click on the "Create a room" button to join your viewing session.

Now that you are in your room, all that remains is to add videos and invite your friends.

If you need help using Sholize, you can consult this guide which explains how to add videos to a room, or this FAQ. Multimedia Library